Easy Secure Fit

Patented High-tech Rubber Straps

When your fin strap or buckle breaks just as you are fully suited up to go, that’s seriously frustrating! If you cannot find a “Save-A-Dive” strap, you aren’t going on that dive. Our high-tech rubber spring straps not only can save the dive, they can improve it!

Getting our straps on or off is a breeze because you simply stretch the strap over your heel with a large raised finger loop without the need to adjust the strap with buckles again after you find your fit.

Our straps also adjust to thicker or thinner dive boots as needed. These straps just may be your choice for replacement straps because they effortlessly eliminate all problems connected to buckle use.
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This is the first drawing in our patent, and below the drawing is a photograph of the first version of the patented straps, our Tab Spring Strap
Heavy duty high-tech stretch rubber works exactly like stainless steel spring straps, but weigh substantially less. A patented hole system makes installation exceptionally easy and secure while allowing the strap to be a one-size-fits-all strap. They can be used with most major brands of fins.
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Our next generation of Light Scuba/Snorkeling Spring Strap uses finger loops to enable easy on and off movements. If you need super quick release, just pull the strap straight off at the side of the fin.
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Three Great Reasons to buy

  • Unique patented securing hole system makes installation easy and makes a secure strap-fin connection without buckles
  • Once a fit is made, our high-tech stretch non-floating spring rubber provides tension for a continuous secure comfortable fit
  • Raised large finger loop makes it easy to pull straps on or off even while wearing gloves
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Our Heavy-Duty Non-floating Rubber Spring Straps are preferred when desiring fins that do not float
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Three More Reasons to Buy

  • “Universal Fit” - Easy to install on most major brands of fins as a replacement strap or a “Save-A-Dive” strap
  • One-size-fits-all - hole adjustments range from 9.5 inches stretching to 14 inches up to the largest hole adjustment of 15 inches stretching to 22 inches
  • Heavy-duty rubber spring straps come in floating and non-floating as preferred
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Our Heavy-Duty Floating Rubber Spring Straps are preferred when using fins that do float
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